Top 5 Dangers of Mindfulness

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  1. Will MacKinnon says:

    Compelling stuff. Many find comfort in “the order” that the capitalist “game” creates. From birth, most children follow prescribed steps from daycare, grade school, junior high, high school, college, and post graduate schooling. And then we are spat out into the “real world” to decide upon a “career” which represents the next prescriptive step. As you point out, in this country, the capitalist system sets the rules of the road. So for most there is a “learned” comfort in the orderliness of the prescriptive route from birth to death that society suggests, or in reality, effectively dictates if one is to “make it in the world”. I guess the key question is what does it mean to have “made it in the world”? So it is not an easy thing, however not impossible, for someone to decide to take the road less traveled because we are conditioned from the beginning to stay on course and to stay “the” course. And when you have been on course for a long time it is easier/comfortable to merely keep the shoulder to the metaphorical plow and keep pushing. Having said all of this I do believe that one can stay in the prescriptive world in a far healthier way by adopting mindfulness techniques which, as you point out, can help in numerous ways and perhaps more importantly help to slow everything down so that one acknowledges and enjoys the simple beauty in life.

    • Matthew Williams says:

      Appreciate the feedback Will! Life has a habit of running away from us because we’re always chasing. Mindfulness teaches that when we stop chasing life stops running. As you mentioned it’s a delicate balance between being a functional part of modern society and a mindful individual; but balance we must.

      Keep reading and providing feedback, thanks!

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