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The Second Arrow: Thoughts that Kill

Siddhartha Gautama, or simply the Buddha as he would later be known, lived in eastern India somewhere around 400 BCE. The Buddha, meaning, “awakened one,” spoke of a Middle Way, or halfway point, between...


Drowning in the Future

Most of our lives are spent holding our breath. We are submerged underwater, swimming for the surface. We grasp and pull towards the sunlight but never seem to get any closer. Recycled oxygen cycles...

Waves crashing

Down the Rabbit Hole

I placed my Zafu (meditation cushion) on the floor and sat facing the wall. I set the timer on my phone for twenty-five minutes and took my seat. I relaxed my gaze and focused my attention on my breathing.

In, out, in, out. The gentle rhythm of my breathing lapped against the shore of my mind like small waves born from a quiet ocean. I sat on the shore and looked out across the water as a seagull lazily circled before settling down to bob peacefully on the tide.


I whipped around to see a Buddhist monk running down the shore towards me, his saffron robes billowing behind him…


When Mindfulness Meets Life

From the chair of my desk it can be all too easy to make life seem like a paper tiger when viewed through the lens of mindfulness practice.  However, what happens when the real...