MindfulnessMD’s Neuroscience of Mindfulness Articles Featured On Rochester Zen Center Podcast

General Feedback:

I read these articles with paper and pen and discuss with myself while reading about the interesting and clarifying points of view that you offer. My thoughts and thus the whole world seem to get a little clearer and more organized for a second. Thank you.


I enjoyed how research oriented/objective they were and at the same time engaging and easy for me to understand as someone with technical rather than medical background. (Believe me; It’s hard to find these kind of articles! There are so many articles about meditation without real science behind them. Or there are too medical-ish journal papers with narrow focus on a specific problem.)


After reading your post, “Neuroscience of Mindfulness: Default Mode Network, Meditation, & Mindfulness,” I felt an urge to let you know how helpful it was! I work as a neurotherapist administering LORETA neurofeedback training and clients have responded very well to DMN training.


Your site is inspiring as heck. Really dig it. I’m obsessively interested in learning how the brain works in the context of daily life and learning how to hack it or at least be better aware of what’s going on as it’s going on.


[Your article’s] have inspired me to do my project this quarter on the neuroscience of different emotional states in the moment.


Just found your site online on a really dark day. Just wanted to say THANK you!!!!!!!


Feedback From Neuroscience of Mindfulness Seminars:

I work directly with clients who struggle with anxiety and being in the present moment. This training provided me with more information about the use of mindfulness.

Clear explanation of brain physiology. Good handouts. Fascinating subject!

Not only for working with clients but so relevant and accessible for caregivers!

Complex ideas [were] presented in very accessible ways … [Matthew’s] use of analogies was very helpful.

[Matthew provided] tangible techniques to utilize. [Matthew] described scientific terms in simple and understandable language. [The best part of the training was Matthew’s] enthusiasm.

[The seminar was] digestible but also in depth.

[Matthew] balanced the why with the then what.

[Matthew] was very knowledgeable, open to questions and presented in a very approachable way.