Life in Death

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4 Responses

  1. Jane Ann Munroe says:

    Tight, and well-written. It is death’s looming nature, its tension, that gives a sweetness to each day we have.

    I love the line you wrote, “Without a Tomorrow we’re forced to discover what we need to be happy Today.” So true…

    Nice article. Thank you…

    • Matthew Williams says:

      So glad you enjoy the post Jane Ann!
      I really enjoy your blog as well at

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Will MacKinnon says:

    Well written and obviously very thought provoking. Lots to consider and think about. Love the last line which is the perfect way to end the piece.

    • Matthew Williams says:

      Thanks Will, so glad you enjoyed the post. Death can seem like a bitter thought at first but within lies a profound sweetness

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