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Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Matt

Practice what you preach. All preachers fear this idiom. By “preacher” I mean all those who espouse any form of philosophy, not just religion.

Philosophy is clean and consistent whereas humanity is imperfect and inconsistent. Philosophy offers us a semblance of stability in a world defined by change and uncertainty. It is no wonder that religion, politics, and other philosophic doctrines hold such sway over humanity.

The reason preachers fear their own hypocrisy is that the good ones realize that they will inevitably fall short of their words. No man can attain perfection; we can only aspire to it. And this aspiration alone is enough.

I am a preacher. I interpret, repackage, and redistribute an ancient philosophy for the modern era. I am anything but unique in this endeavor. And I am also a hypocrite…